Monday, October 17, 2011

Rage Guide and Walkthrough

Care to master id's latest offering? Well, here's the excellent Rage walkthrough by IGN, that comes complete with guides covering everything from achievements and vehicle jumps to collector's cards and weapons. What's more, you can also feast your eyes upon this weapons guide or even try a tweaks guide.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Blackwell Deception Walkthrough

Well, here goes - the Blackwell Deception walkthrough/solution:

Part 1: On the Yacht

As Rosa:
- Enter the bottom left door
- Use the lightswitch (near the entrance)

As Joey:
- Look at the inscription on the front of the boat (Get notes "Ryan" and "June)
- Go through the upper door, and talk to Ryan
- Re-enter the control room
- Use the "wind" power (in Joey's inventory) on the keys twice
- Look at the diagram on the wall As Rosa:
- Enter the lower cabin
- Use the coin (in Rosa's inventory) on the vent
- Use the vent
- Grab the keys
- Look at the knotty pine wall (on the left side of the room)
- Using the diagram from the control room as a reference, spell out "J-U-N-E"
- Look at the money (get note "GCT")
- Go back to the deck
- Use the key on the upper door
- Enter the control room
- Speak to Ryan (get note "Bank")
- Activate your phone
- Go to "note collector" app
- Combine clues "GCT" and "Bank" (get new note "Grant City Trust")
- Go to the "Oogle" app
- Type "Grant City Trust" (get note "Bank robbery")
- Speak to Ryan again, and ask him about the bank robbery 

As Joey:
- Move in front of the GPS machine. Wait until the map shows Boston, then move away from it

 As Rosa:
- Speak to Ryan again
- Ask "How far are we from Boston?"
- Follow Ryan onto the main deck
- Talk to him
- Follow him back into the control room

 As Joey:
- Use tie on Ryan

Part 2: Old Friends 

As Rosa:
- Leave the apartment and go to Jeremy's place
- Speak to Jeremy (new location: City Post)
- Look at the pile of photographs
- Go to the the City Post

 As Joey:
- Go through the door on the second floor (above the receptionist)
- Look at the yellow post-it note on the computer screen (new location: High Line)
- Leave the office

 As Rosa:
- Go to the High Line
- Speak to Durkin and exhaust all dialog options
- Go back to Jeremy's
- Use the pile of photographs (you'll be able to take the photo)
- Go back to the High Line
- Use the photograph on Durkin
- Go back to the City Post (receptionist will let you in, now)
- Use the elevator
- Enter the door on the second floor
- Pick up the notebook
- Pick up the press pass (on the lefthand side)
- Go back to Jeremy's
- Give him the notebook
- Ask him about Penelope Haines (new location: Haines residence)
- Go to the Haines residence
- Speak to Madison

As Joey:
- Sneak into the Haines apartment
- Go through the door near the entrance
- Look at the brochure on the dresser (new location: Seagram Nursing Home)
- Leave the Haines apartment

 As Rosa:
- Go to the Seagram Nursing Home
- Speak to the nurse and ask about Penelope
- Pick up a brochure from the shelf
- Use the elevator
- Go to the common area
- Speak to Penelope (go through all dialog options)
- Take the yarn from the table
- Leave the nursing home
- Go back to the Haines apartment
- Speak to Madison again, and exaust all dialog options
- Go back to the nursing home, and speak to penelope again
- Exaust all the dialog options
- Go back to the Haines apartment, and speak to Madison about the peridot.
- Go back to the nursing home

 As Joey:
- Look at the chart on the nurse's desk

 As Rosa:
- Use the elevator
- Go to the 12th floor
- Combine the yarn with the brochure
- Use the brochure on the door

As Joey:
- Use the wind on the brochure
- Use the wind on the keys

As Rosa:
- Use the yarn/brochure
 - Go back to the Haines apartment
- Use the key to get inside
- Go into the bedroom
- Take the Peridot

 As Joey:
- Leave the bedroom
- Use the wind on the thermostat
- Talk to the baby
- Exit the door on the left

As Rosa:
- Leave the apartment
- Go back to Seagram
- Give the peridot to Penelope (New location: Lisa Tenzin)
- Go to Lisa Tenzin
- Use the buzzer
- Go through the dialog options with Lisa
- Ask Lisa about Jeremy
- Leave Lisa's place
- Activate Rosa's phone and call Jeremy
- Use the trash bin
- Use the buzzer again and re-enter Lisa's place
- Go through all the dialog options about Jeremy, until she kicks you out
- Go back to Jeremy's place
- Show him the phone
- Go to the high line 

As Joey:
- Use the tie on Jeremy

Part 3: Investigating Gavin 

As Rosa:
- Go back to Lisa's
- Use the buzzer and try to talk to her

As Joey:
- Go through Lisa's door
- Go through the door on the right side of the room
- Look at the photo on the table
- Go back outside

As Rosa:
- Go to the nursing home
- Ask the nurse about Danny Marconi
- Go back to Lisa's
- Use the buzzer and ask Lisa about Danny
- Tell her "I know he died today."
- Go through the dialog options until she lets you inside
- Speak to Lisa (New locations: Tiffany and Jamie)

Part 3a: Jamie Graham 

As Rosa:
- Go to Jamie's dorm

As Joey:
- Phase through the door
- Look at the note on the door

As Rosa:
- Look up "Waterloo" on the phone
- Use the code "1815" on the door
- Look at the poster on the wall (epileptic fish)
- Look at the schedule on the wall (over the desk)
- Look up "Elaine Appleton" on the phone
- Go through all the dialog options (new note: Munray's)
- Look up "Munray's" on the phone (new location: Munray's)
- Call Durkin and ask him about Jamie (new location: Cup of Clay)
- Go to Cup of Clay
- Speak to Durkin and go through all the dialog options
- Leave the cafe (get note "Coroner's report")
- Go to Munray's

As Joey:
- Go upstairs
- Talk to Jamie. Be sure to say "Oh, come on..." when the option comes up.

As Rosa:
- Use the flatscreen panel
- Type "epileptic fish" (jamie's favorite band)
- Leave Munray's and go back to Jamie's dorm
- Use the laptop.
- For the password, use the name of Jamie's dog
- Read all the emails (especially the unread one from Seb)
- Go back to Munray's
- Speak to the blond guy on the left. Ask him if he is Seb
- Go through all the options until you get the note "Jamie and drugs"
- Activate the phone. Combine the notes "Cororner's report" and "Jamie and drugs"
- Speak to Seb again and confront him with this new information
- Look up "Ashbless" on your phone

As Joey:
- Go back upstairs
- Ask Jamie to dance
- Most of the dialog here is optional. The only important one is "ask about jamie"
- Ask her about her hometown
- Say you are from out west, in the state of Illonois, and lives near Mattoon
- Ask her about what she does in her spare time
- Say you like to read, your favorite author is Ashbless, and you enjoyed the book "Anubis at the gate"
- Ask her about her favorite subject
- Say your favorite subject is history, specifically middle eastern history
- Leave the nightclub
- Go back to Jamie's dorm
- Enter Jamie's room

As Rosa:
- Go to Lisa's place
- Use the buzzer
- Choose all the options about Jamie until she lets you inside.

Part 3b: Tiffany Walters

As Rosa:
- Go to Tiffany's place
- Look at the buzzers
- Use your business card on Tiffany's mailbox (on the bottom row)

As Joey:
- Use the mailbox to look inside
- Look at the envelope (new note "R. Abu")
- Phase through the door on the right
- Speak to Tiffany (ask her what her name is)
- Look at the photo on the shelf (new note: "Rachel")
- Look at the papers on the table (new note: "STP")
- Leave the room

As Rosa:
- Type "Rachel Abu" into Oogle.
- Go to the cafe
- Speak to the barista
- Ask her about Tiffany (new notes "Ken" and "Temp agency")
- Combine the notes "STP" and "temp agency" (new location and note: "Sterling")
- Go back to Tiffany's

As Joey:
- Enter TIffany's room
- Ask her about Sterling
- Leave room

As Rosa:
- Go to Sterling
- Speak to him about Tiffany
- Show him your press pass
- Speak to him again, and choose the "blackmail" option (new note: Ken sharpe)
- Oogle "Ken Sharpe" (new location: Sharpe Sound)
- Go to Sharpe Sound
- Enter the office
- Ask Ken about Tiffany
- You can go through the dialog options, but you won't get anywhere. Leave the office
- Look at the note on the righthand door
- Oogle "Gal Friday"
- Call Gal Friday

As Joey:
- Enter Ken's office
- Use the drawer that's buzzing
- Look at the letter
- Leave the office

As Rosa:
- Hang up the phone
- Go back into Ken's office
- Talk to him about the letter, and go through all the dialog options
- Go back to Tiffany's place

As Joey:
- Speak to Tiffany
- Talk to her about Ken
- Choose the "Turtledove" response

As Rosa:
- Go back to Sharpe Sound
- Enter Ken's office
- Confront Ken about TIffany again

As Joey:
- Use the tie on Tiffany As Rosa:
- Go to Lisa's place
- Use the buzzer
- Choose all the options about Tiffany until she lets you inside.

Part 4: Escape

As Rosa:
- Use the door to talk to Lisa
- Go through the dialog options

As Joey:
- Phase through the door
- Go downstairs
- Use Gavin to listen to the phone conversation

As Rosa:
- Talk to Lisa through the door again
- Mention that Gavin wants to kill her

As Joey:
- Use the tie on Rosa
- Maneuver her so she is by the wooden chest
- Use the wind on the glass (on the shelf)

As Rosa:
- Pick up the glass
- Use the glass on yourself
- Leave the closet

As Joey:
- Go downstairs, and into Lisa's greeting room (with the crystal ball)
- Speak to Lisa's ghost, specifically about her grandfather
- Go back into the living room
- Use the wind on the photograph twice (to blow it into the other room)
- Go back into the greeting room and talk to Lisa
- Ask her about the photograph
- Go through all the dialog until she becomes aware (cutscene)
- Wander through the void to the right until you find Madeline
- Speak to Madeline about the link
- Give Madeline the tie
- Tell her "yes"
- Speak to Rosa
- Ask her about Jeremy. Say "Good riddance"
- Ask her about Tiffany. Tell her "You're nobody."
- Ask her about Penelope. Tell her "Not a damn thing."
- Ask her about Jamie. Tell her "You are no better." - Use the tie on Gavin/Lisa.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Zak McKracken Walkthrough & Hints

Zak McKracken and the Alien Mindbenders is easily the toughest Lucasfilm/Lucasarts adventure ever released and to enjoy its wacky new-age storyline you will probably need some hints or even a walkthrough. Better yet though, soldier on and only use those lovely two guides.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Care for a Frozen Synapse begginer's guide?

Excellent, for I have discovered a couple and they will definitely come in handy in turning you into the ultimate, turn-based, indie, tactical mind. So, uhm, there's the Beginner's Guide and the Gameplay Guide video. Should be enough to get you started.