Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Droidscape: Basilica for iPhone & iPad

If you care about stop-motion animated games, if you love your puzzle-arcade offerings utterly unique, if you appreciate quality music and deep story-lines, be happy! Droidscape: Basilica is now available for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch and is as brilliant as they get. Also, it's the very first game for iOS to support head-tracking controls too!

Friday, April 27, 2012

Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP Walkthrough

Not that you'll be needing it, but it could help with a few tricky bits and when getting started... Watch the complete video walkthrough here.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Walking Dead: Episode 1 Walkthrough

A seven-part walkthrough of Telltale's zombie infested adventure to help revive this most spoilery of blogs. Have fun in the zombie apocalypse!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

J.U.L.I.A. Walkthrough

Having just finished playing this wonderfully innovative but at times infuriating adventure, I thought I'd let you know you can find a very handy JULIA walkthrough here. Oh, and here's a video walkthrough. You'll probably need it.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Da New Guys - Day of the Jackass Walkthrough

-Knock out the others
-Pick up the table
-Enter the ring
-Lift the table
-Leave the ring
-Pull on the table
-Re-enter the ring
-Pick up the title
-Escape the mob
-Talk your way out of the hallway
-Enter the open window
-Pick up the remote
-Use the remote on the TV set while Mr. Pencilwood is drinking
-Climb out of the window
-Shimmy to the far-left window
-Open the window
-Take the pills
-Return to the lounge
-Pour the pills into the cola
-Leave the room to the right
-Retrieve the ticket
-Leave the apartment
-Visit Ice Cold's house
-Talk to Ice Cold until the fire appears
-Try to leave, then tell Ice to turn around
-Take the wastepaper basket
-Use the fish tank
-Get the other half of the ticket
-Head to the arena
-Enter the main entrance
-Go through the door to the backstage area
-Take the clean cloth from the bucket
-Head to Brain's bedroom
-Dip the cloth in the tub of hair gel
-Shut the door
-Take the golf club
-Return to the backstage
-Head right to reach the stage entrance
-Turn the crank
-Use the greasy cloth with the crank
-Turn the crank
-Use the golf club with the ladder
-Climb the ladder
-Examine the ticket
-Use the device on the wall
-Choose the correct seat (Section C, 6 seats up, 3 rows back)
-Climb back down
-Exit right onto the stage
-Search the lit seat
-Get Horace's picture signed
-Return to the lobby
-Talk to Horace and agree to sign his fan art
-Return to the apartment
-Ask Simon to sign the fan art
-Enter Brain's room
-Open the desk's right-hand drawer to get the signature stamp
-Go to the car park
-Press the stamp on the drainpipe
-Press the stamp on the fan art
-Return to the Wrestle Zone
-Give the fan art back to Horace
-Go backstage to the gym
-Take the mirror from the gym bag
-Tell Mayhem his fans are outside
-Take the picture
-Put the mirror onto the punchbag
-Put the fan art onto the punchbag
-Wait for Mayhem to return
-Take the fan art
-Return to the lobby
-Give Horace the fan art
-Locate Mr O'Sullivan
-Give the ticket to Clarice, the desk clerk
-Head to the locker room
-Open Defender's locker
-Take the wraps
-Go upstairs
-Enter O'Sullivan's office
-Inspect the calendar
-Search the filing cabinet
-Read the "Rough Neck, The" file
-Head to the bar
-Look through the basement window
-Enter the bar
-Talk to the barman about everything
-Beat Muscles at arm-wrestling
-Return to O'Sullivan's office
-Take the small key on the desk
-Return to the lobby
-Unlock the display case with the small key
-Inspect the display case
-Take the hand buzzer
-Head to the apartment
-Show the buzzer to Simon
-Ask Simon for the car keys
-Use the bookshelf to get Brain's autobiography
-Head to the bar
-Examine the television
-Return to the flat
-Ask Simon for the remote
-Try to leave
-Give Simon the golf club
-Return to the bar
-Use the remove on the TV
-Take the magazine in the patron's pocket
-Give the book to the patron
-Return to the apartment
-Give the magazine to Simon
-Head to the car park
-Open the bonnet
-Use the hand buzzer on the car
-Put the buzzer in the wraps
-Return to the bar
-Challenge Muscles
-Use the hand-buzzer with Muscles
-Get the manager's attention
-Head downstairs
-"Distract" O'Sullivan
-Take the tub of ketchup
-Hide the ketchup in the robes
-"Insult" O'Sullivan
-Learn the ticket details
-Head back to the Wrestle Zone
-Talk to Clarice
-Tell her the password
-Use the inspector's card with the telephone
-Deceive the guard
-Use the business card on the panel beside the payphone
-Remove the lower left wire
-Remove the lower right wire
-Attach the lower right wire to the lower left wire
-Attach the paperclip to the wires
-Tell Simon to wait by the phone
-Knock on the guard's window
-Tell him you have a pizza delivery
-Match the pizza topping
-Enter the car
-Enter the main complex
-Enter the security office
-Talk to Simon
-Ask Eddie about everything
-Look at the CCTV monitor
-Cycle cameras until you get the courtyard
-Press the "Zoom" button
-Use the directional buttons to close-in on the keypad
-Tell Eddie about the guard
-Head through the archway
-Enter the code into the panel
-Reach Smiley's cell
-Head east
-Head south
-Avoid the guards
-Pick up the wire
-Follow the corridor anti-clockwise
-Talk to the prisoner
-Follow the corridor anti-clockwise
-Go into the locker room
-Pick up the letter
-Fill the sink with water
-Dip the wire into the sink
-Attach the wire to the socket
-Attach the wire to McUrk's locker
-Take the teddy
-Return to the cell
-Give the teddy to the prisoner
-Ask the prisoner to distract the guard
-Wait for the guard to be called over by the prisoner
-Sneak up behind the guard
-Use the magnet with the guard
-Go to the warden's office
-Unlock the door with the guard's key
-Pick up the keycard
-Return to the corridor
-Deal with Smiley Joe
-Go to the lift
-Swipe the card in the slot
-Cross the maze
-Use the control panel
-Turn on the lightswitch
-Talk with Smiley Joe until Simon gives you a choice
-Accept Smiley's release
-Escape the prison
-Search the lift for the flashlight
-Exit the lift
-Search the junk pile
-Enter the passageway
-Follow the tunnel getting colder
-Defeat Grimheimer
-Ski onto a ramp
-Punch Grimheimer three times
-While Grimheimer blocks, pull the throttle stick
-Reach the monument
-Head to the park
-Pick up a waterlilly
-Place the magnet on the leaf
-Place the leaf on the pond
-Take the far-left path
-Come up with a new plan
-Take the colouring pencils
-Go into Brain's bedroom
-Use the pencils on Brain's poster
-Add a ponytail
-Add oval glasses
-Remove the facial hair
-Distract Mr. O'Sullivan
-Go to the Wrestle Zone
-Enter the locker room
-Open Brain's locker
-Take the cheese wedge
-Leave the locker room
-Prop the exit open with the cheese wedge
-Go to the Wrestle Zone
-Go backstage through the open door
-Head upstairs to O'Sullivan's office
-Ask O'Sullivan for the weapons locker key
-Head to the stage entrance
-Unlock the locker with the key
-Take the noose
-Go to Cosmic Burger
-Enter the restaurant
-Ask for a Tall Terrestial Taco
-Use the noose on the camera
-Go to Cosmic Burger
-Enter the restaurant
-Ask for a Cosmic Kids Meal
-Put the money in the slot
-Take the meal
-Use the meal on the van
-Give the scotch to Simon
-Go to the Wrestle Zone
-Head to O'Sullivan's office
-Give the scotch to O'Sullivan
-Find some coke-bottle glasses
-Go to the beach
-Interact with the glasses
-Ask Horace for his glasses
-Go to Cosmic Burger
-Enter the restaurant
-Ask for a Cadet Cola
-Put the money in the slot
-Take the cola
-Head to the Wrestle Zone
-Buy a ticket from Eddie
-Go outside
-Try to take the ticket
-Head backstage
-Put the money in the vending machine
-Go to the Wrestle Zone
-Head backstage
-Kick the vending machine
-Take the fizzy mints
-Go outside
-Go into the gym
-Pour the cola down the plug
-Drop a mint down the drain
-Give the ticket to Brain
-Go back to the beach
-Give the ticket to Horace
-Make a ponytail substitute
-Head to the apartment
-Enter Brain's bedroom
-Take the sock
-Go to the bar
-Head down to the bar's basement
-Climb onto the stacked barrels
-Open the window
-Climb down from the barrels
-Go to the window outside the bar
-Drop the sock through the window
-Take the sock
-Dip the sock in emulsion
-Find a hat
-Head to the beach
-Repeatedly turn off the music
-Take the stereo
-Go to the Wrestle Zone
-Head to O'Sullivan's office
-Open the CD player
-Take the CD
-Put the CD in the stereo
-Give Simon the stereo
-Head to The Rough Neck
-Talk to the barman
-Play the stereo for the barman
-Take the barman's hat
-Return home
-Give Clarice the ponytail
-Give Clarice the hat
-Return home
-Give Clarice the glasses
-Beat Surly
-In the ring, ask to be kicked
-On the outer mat, asked to be kicked
-In the ring, ask to be kicked
-By the ramp, suggest Surly has a drink
-Walk to the right side of the outer ring
-Pick up the table debris
-In the ring, ask for an uppercut
-Use the table leg with the hook
-Drop the sandbag
-Pull the lever
-Use the table leg with the hook
-Go back to the ramp
-Put the knockout pills in the drink
-Suggest Surly has another drink
-Attack Smiley
-Save Clarice
-Head to the lobby
-REFUSE Surly when he's beserk
-STALL Surly when he's angry
-SYMPATHISE Surly when he's neutral
-REASON with Surly when he's sad
-Stop the van
-Slow down to Simon
-Shout to Simon
-Open the bonnet
-Climb onto the van's roof
-Throw the gun to Brain
-Shoot the tyre
-Approach Smiley Joe

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Monday, February 20, 2012

Nikopol: Secrets of the Immortals walkthrough

A truly stunning game I haven't finished yet. Oh, and I have actually consulted this lovely and lushly illustrated walkthrough more than once already. There are some excellent UHS hints available too.